Woke up ready. My body had caught up with the Irish clock - feel rested and on the hunt for rocks and the sea. Sunny morning as I head back to Bunatrahir Bay.

 It’s funny, I am almost 67 years old and realized I never crossed the tide line last year while working. My father always told me as a child – never swim past the waves without me – so here I am, still hanging back for safety. And I am not even in the water.

So I walked out on the rocks and sat myself down. A whole new composition of sharp and soft edges, lights and darks! Got a few sketches under way, when I heard a voice to my right. A silhouette of large man glowing in sunlight – said “You are back.”

(Am I in a Jane Austin novel?)  Once I got to my feet and could see his face, it was John, the periwinkle man. What a nice surprise! We chatted some last year - I, on the shore and he off gathering seaweed and such. Good to know, I have a friend on the bay again this year.

John off to look for periwinkles. He sells them to restaurants in the area.

John off to look for periwinkles. He sells them to restaurants in the area.



The chill got in my bones so off to Mary’s for lunch. As last year, I plan to visit daily for a late lunch at this lovely cottage. (the chalkboard sign outside says Hot food available today)  Mary is a delight, the space is so welcoming and the food - pure comfort. I ordered my favorite – salmon salad!


Back out on the bay for one last sketch. The light was amazing. And – thanks to John’s suggestion, I walked on top of the ridge for a bird’s eye view of the rocks. Every day, little discoveries.


 At five o’clock, I snapped this picture and headed back to studio. As I pull up, a van is pulling away. Santa Claus had arrived with packages! A duffle bag of clothes and art supplies. I scurried up to my studio, pulled out my supplies and took a deep breath, Now what? HA.