OK Its hard to sketch outside in Ireland without a raincoat and gloves. Sorta stuck in neutral until I can some clothes and paints.

But being an optimist, I headed out on foot this morning to stretch my legs and sketch at the bay. Of course, the rain showers started traveling with me so I turned around and headed back to the studio.  As I rounded the corner up to Main Street, I felt a tug at my shoulder. I looked back and got a big Irish greeting on my first full day in Ballycastle.

November 7.jpg

You have to love this weather  - Aimshir - in Gaelic. And if you don’t learn to flirt with it, dance with it, you miss all the charm of living here. Since I prefer to work outside, I learned last year that you always have to be on the “ready-set-go” and keep your sense of humor by your side at all times.

 But, no sketching for me today. On the phone with Aer Lingus for missing luggage, to Killala for groceries.. Artist from Dublin, Margo sent over James (her beau) at 5PM, to teach me how to build a fire with peat and wood. Last year I never was able to keep a flame more than five minutes. I am thinking wood sticks are the trick.

 But no time for lighting the fire tonight, off to Jeff’s cottage for dinner with all the artists. Lovely group who enjoy socializing! Jeff from Chicago, Andrea from Philadelphia, Margot, Joana and Phidelma -all from Dublin. I don’t think I had a meal with an artist last year. Everyone worked late and then we went to Healy’s Bar.