It rained cows and sheep here today. It pounded on the studio skylights til late afternoon. Had to forget the idea of painting outside. Regroup! First on my list was to move to the studio I used last year. (cold in my new one). All fine with staff so made the switch to “smaller but cozy”.  And familiar.

So what to do when you can’t go outside and play? Pull out your markers and paper. I had my sketches pinned to the wall, so used them as my source for exploring simple shapes.


After lunch at Mary’s, I noticed a patch of blue sky over the west mountains. Enough light left to get to Belderrig for a sketch or two.

Last year I didn’t have much success with this site. My painting sketches made the face of the cliff look like a painted lady with big eyelashes. (I know - hard to picture but true)

Sat down and took in the view. Attempted a few drawings but I determined that my work still felt like a lady but without eyelashes this year. I put down my pencil sword and surrendered.


Light was dropping fast so back in the car ( I named her Little Bean) at 4:30PM. Evening time was brighter - music at Healy’s Bar. A lot of Jimmy Buffet and Beatles by a Dublin musician accompanied by two wild guys swirling around the dance floor all night. I could not understand a word they said. I just hope I didn’t marry off my daughter to one of them.

 Pictured in foreground, Phil (left )who works at the Foundation, Jeff Hirst from Chicago (right).