December 13

 I can see this horse, Beauty, out my back kitchen window every mornig. It's nice when she is close enough to the road so I can speak to her. She always raises her head when you call her name. Her owner died a few years ago and his wife can't bring herself to sell her. And such a small word- the wife has family in Ocean Pines, Maryland.


My task today was to finish my "complete work" list and paint for Padraig. I had planned to get out on the beach with paints - in his honor- but rain kept me inside the studio. Tried working from photographs, but it just doesn't feel right for me. What the camera captures is not what the eye sees. I need to feel the "fullness" of the experience for myself. Made a few attempts but flat, flat flat!

Did spend some time in the library at the Center. Such a wonderful room, full of art  books for research. And a great place to go for end of the day emailing and quiet time.



Headed home, rather than Healys to start cleaning and packing. Don't think I have shown a picture of the inside of my cottage. Here you go! Sorta post- Little House on the Prairie. Tomorrow will be my last day in Ballycastle.