December 12

Started the morning with a walk to the Bay. Being inside all yesterday, I needed to smell the salt air. Made a list of what images need to be completed: Four large works, three more drawings and 8  small works on paper. ( Hodges Taylor in me is showing. Got to have the walls with the same amount of work for balance.) Cold and rainy but got to the Bay and back with a few drawings. Hands freezing!

Upon my return, I surveyed my smaller work and decided to take on four different subjects for the large work, a few familiar, a few unexplored. Still in process for sure.


Decided to take a break and play with some images of fields around town. William Crozier (my Irish painter hero) had done some works on paper of a similiar subject. Here is one that served as inspiration.


My attempts have a long way to go but fun playing with the shapes. This grassy area is across from the graveyard, with a view of trees on Main Street. Rooks live there and are always chatting with each other. ( sometimes it sounds more like arguing!)



Around 7PM, Ainslie sent a text that they were at the front door. I cleaned up and met them at Healy's Pub. When I got to the front door, owner Mary, working on a cigarette said "Padraig said to ring him up when you arrive." My first thought was "Me?" and my second thought was "someone thinks I am here every night?"

Padraig is a super nice guy that I have enjoyed chatting with on occasion. We joked around soon after I arrived that he will paint a picture for me and I will paint a "pretty" one for him. Weeks go by and on my birthday, he bought me a Guinness and we took pictures of each other.

SO, last night sitting at the bar, in walks Padraig with a wrapped present for me.  I was blown away. 


 I said to him.  "I will see you Thursday night- with my painting". Forget CALMING, my mind is now back in TRAFFIC!