December 11

As you approach small towns, there is usually a posted sign stating  "Traffic Calming." It is now the Monday before I leave and I am starting to feel like the sign.... swirling for days  and now settling in to pack up.  The walls in the studio are almost covered. Time to me to deal with "bits and bobs" as the Irish say.

As Ainslie and Austin headed to Connemara to hike at the National Park, I went to the studio to survey the final week. After working on more clouds, I found four large sheets of paper that I had shipped here from Cork Art Supplies. OOPS. Guess I need to think a little bigger these last few days! I certainly prefer to be outside painting but sorta nice to huddle in the studio this final week.

Here are a few more clouds from the studio porch, with the space heater on full blast.


While I was painting clouds, Ainslie and Austin were also looking at the sky. Snow covered the roads as they traveled to Connemara. She sent me the picture below. We didn't see a snowflake in Ballycastle.