December 14

Today is wrap-up day in the studio. Finished the last few works on paper and push-pinned them to the wall. Even resolved my gift for Padraig so feeling somewhat complete. Wanted to take a final walk to Bunatrahir Bay so when I saw a clearing in the sky, I headed out for my final 2k walk.

This is what I love about Ireland. You feel like you live in a Snow Globe ( without the snow). The atmosphere envelops you - all encompassing yet intimate at the same time. Aim Shir (weather) never lets you down. You can witness amazing clouds with blue skies......



and then ½ kilometer later, you see this below. What a grand finale I had when I got to the ocean!


At the end of the day, Ainslie and Austin returned from Sligo to help me take down the work. I felt like summer camp was over.


Then we headed to Healys to have our last Guinness, give Podraig his painting and to toast artist, Helen Blake (heading back to Wicklow,) friend Anthea ( staying in Ballycastle from Scotland - now heading to Connemara) and artist, John Eckel, who will stay through middle of January. I had bought some birthday candles and realized I couldn’t bring them on the plane.( wonder why?) So, we put one in a cupcake for our going away party.


I was a little nervous about giving the painting to Padraig, since he had asked for a "pretty" picture. HA. I don't strive for "pretty" pictures. His girlfriend, Geraldine showed up for the occasion. I had chosen my favorite place – Bunatrahir Bay – as the subject. I guess it was the luck of the Irish for when they opened it, they told me that Geraldine's family owned the property on the other side of the cliff. It has been in their family for many years. Her mother is Mrs. Conner, the nice woman I had met on the road on my birthday. And Mrs. Conner is also the sister of Phil who owns Healys.


At that moment, everything came full circle for me. The amazing land, the lovely people, and me with a paintbrush.