December 6


Took at ride over the Sligo about 1.5 hours from Ballycastle. ( December 5th afternoon )

Wanted to visit The Model – contemporary art center and the spend some time with Yates family. John Yeats, the father was trained as a barrister but became a painter. (much to his wife’s dismay) As we all know the sons are Ireland's treasures - W. B. Yeats and Jack Yeats, (painter).   Sisters, Lilly and Lolly, were entrepreneurs in the printing business.

When we arrived at the Yeats House, (sponsored by the Yeats Society), a delightful volunteer toured us through the exhibit with interesting tidbits about the family. We even got to see a room - under lock and key- that displayed an original drawing of Mrs. Yeats by her husband. It was found in the attic in a box of discarded papers. (I have sketches on my mind these days)



Decided to spend the night and enjoy the town - walking along the streets, visiting shops in search of holiday gifts. Stayed at the Glass House Hotel that hugs the Garavoge River. Ended the night at Shoot the Crows, listening to music.



The next day we visited Drumcliff to see W. B. Yeat’s grave. The church was buzzing with folks as they finished the decorations for the Festival of Trees, created by non-profit organizations in the area. The holiday spirit was in the air. Here's my favorite by The Samaritans -painted shoe boxes!