December 7

Early morning, the wind rattled the windows in the cottage  And then the temperature dropped. No outside painting today. Had planned on exploring cloud formations so put my easel on the glassed-in porch. (My studio has no windows) Selected Bela Bartok as my companion as i watched the skies move across the hills and ocean.  Of course I have been in awe of the clouds for weeks, but I had not really studied them. ( except for a few attempts during a storm)

The more I painted, the more I realized that the land and water was not important to the composition.  I look forward to doing more exercises. And more looking!


After a late lunch at Mary's, the wind continued to blow and by dark, sleet had started to fall. We decided to build a fire and stay in for the evening.  As I sauteed garlic and green beans, sleet came through the fan over the stove. This holiday cottage was built more for a solstice in June than in December. But we rose to the occasion. A little plastic and masking tape can do wonders. Still  need to keep your coat on in the kitchen.