I purchased a carton of milk today and the expiration date read December 15th. I will be home when it expires. Boohoo. Making my list of things to do - first is my last trip out to Ben Wee Head. Evan and I drove out - wind was fierce but sun shining. Check out these sheep in the wind.


Of course, spending time with the kind folks of Ballycastle is definitely on my list- from the staff at Ballinglen to the ones sitting on stools at Healy’s Bar. One of my tasks while here was to approach Ballycastle to see if they would “twin” with Snow Hill - where I live. The towns are so similar in many ways. Padriag at Healy’s has served as my contact. Since they don’t have a mayor, the GAA ( Gaelic Athletic Association makes most of the decisions for events around town.

Ballycastle is already up to fun events, like the one planned for January 1st - a mock wedding to raise money for cancer. John ( who is single) is marrying a lady in town. Padriag showed me the robe he is making for the groom- imagine a Viking King. They have most of the town involved - even a flash dance at the end. How many times to I say this? You gotta love these folks. (Here is John showing me his Christmas sweater.)


In the studio today, I went back to my regular theme. Fun to play around with these shapes.