JUST SKETCHING. In a conversation over tea with Joe and Evan ( two of the resident artists), Joe pointed out how degrading it is to refer to your work as just sketching or just experimenting. “Forget the JUST and declare I am sketching! Or I am experimenting!”, he said. I agree- although I am certainly guilty of the “just” syndrome. Really, these actions are the fuel for your work- where creativity gets its spark.

I can remember years ago, one of our artists called on a few galleries in New York to inquire about representation. His portfolio was full of exquisitely executed drawings - more depth that most paintings. But he was told that drawings are not valued. Come back when you have paintings. Well, he did start painting- successfully - but those drawings are still the heart and sou of his work.

So, what the heck…here is my SKETCH from today. And a few others. I like returning to the same spot and seeing how it changes with the tide and my pencil.

IMG_6473 2.jpeg