As the Staff scurried around getting ready for the Children’s Holiday Art Show, I found myself upstairs in the studio playing again. I re-visited some of my earlier marsh paintings after Perrin and i had exchanged some emails about our work. (It is fun to have a new art pen pal, so to speak).

Well, darn, I reminded myself. The attraction to the Irish coast is the extension of my love for the edge of the marsh and the sea. One is just a million times more edgy! Began making shapes based on the Irish landscape. (Each image is 6 x 6 inches).

And reading my “water” book, put me in touch with the term “surface tension.” (water held together by a bond of molecules). When we see ripples in the water, we are seeing the tension between the water and the breeze.

Well, there is plenty of surface tension here on the coast of Ireland. And by adding the markings of the turf being excavated on the bog. you’ve got a whole lot of surface tension on water and land.

End of the day, I decided to head to the Bay although it was still raining. Pulled the car next to the stone wall so I could work out of the back of the car - at least keep the paper dry. The light was almost gone so had to work fast.