Glorious morning. (really, what day- rain or shine - hasn’t been glorious?) First stop on my list from Perrin- Flaggy Shore, about a 10 minute drive from the village. On the way, stopped and snapped this photo of the entrance wall. Hard to travel 100 feet without seeing a feast for the eyes.


Pulled over at the fist site of beach and found several women jumping up and down eating cupcakes. I approached and jokingly said, Been out for a swim?  Yes! We do it every Sunday morning. You just have to love the Irish.

Beautiful coast drive with lots of walkers out for a Sunday morning stroll with their pups.. The pond on the land side of the cost road had much more than seven swans a swimming. I counted 20. Perrin told me that the Irish poet, Seamus Heaney wrote “Postscript” while visiting this spot. And look - more rocks. Throw me in the briar patch!


After Flaggy Shore, headed to The Burren Perfumery - a lovely store at the end of a winding road. Beautiful surroundings, garden, shop and cafe. All the products - perfumes and certified organic cosmetics - are inspired by the beautiful Burren landscape.

garden behind the shop

garden behind the shop

Last stop on Perrin’s list - Mullaghmore, a mountain that accommodates the greater part of the Burren National Park. The rocks of Mullaghmore consist of carboniferous limestone. And we learned about this at Easkey Beach - a sedimentary rock that was laid down under the sea 350 million years ago.


Sketched at the water’s edge while hikers made their way up and down the trails.
Sun going down - low light- time to head home. Less than a 2 hour drive back to Ballycastle.