December 4

Do you have a special landscape memory - one that has stayed with you since childhood? Is  "beauty" defined by what is comforting and familiar to you? I know that my love of the salt marsh is my holding on to memories of Sea & Ski on my nose, watching my parents and brothers swim and fish at Pawleys Island, SC every summer. I remember with fondness - slugging through the pluff mud in the marshes. I could still hear the ocean roar over the dunes, but was a little quieter and in some ways more mysterious. It was joyous times for a child.

Certainly this residency has awaken that child in me again.  A chance to feel exhilarated by a new relationship with the edge of the sea. When I get out of the car at Bunatrahir Bay, the salt air shouts welcome to me. Tired a few paintings around 4:30 but light was dropping fast. Bats were flying over my head while the seaweed moved in mysterious ways on the water's edge. I finished these in the dark.