December 2

Show Time at the Center today!

With anticipation, the “crew” is scurrying around getting ready for the artists and parents to arrive. Helen and I have our studios ready for any visitors that are curious enough to climb the stairs

Mary, Nuala, Chrissie and Mary

Mary, Nuala, Chrissie and Mary

Over 125 folks came to see the exhibit, drink hot chocolate and make wreaths and snowflakes. As Bing Crosby crooned his favorite Christmas songs from a little black box on the mantle.

I spent my time helping make wreaths ( not my stong suit)  and talking to families about my work. It was a joyous afternoon. Below are one classes's display of work:



Headed south to Shannon Airport at 5PM (3 hours drive) to get Freddy back to the airport for a Sunday morning flight. Driving in the dark - on the wrong side of the road - is not my strong suit either.