November 11

Today I traveled to Ballina to meet painter/friend at the Bus Station and do some shopping. No painting today. Groceries were needed but also was on the hunt for push-pins, a watch and a teapot!

Ballycastle has a convenient store with a gas pump on the curb, Mary's Cottage (delicious food open til 4) and three pubs ( had 17 in its glory days). Getting a routine for each day- walk to the ocean, paint, Mary's for lunch/dinner, back out painting then to studio to push-pin the day's work, time in the library and then Guinness with Tayto Irish chips at Healy's Pub around 8PM. 

There is a Community Center where I can hear kids playing basketball and have signed up for yoga class on Thursday evenings.

Here is my cottage, 1/4 mile south of town. Four dogs live next door that greet me when I come home at night. And here is one of my great meals at Mary's! She is a delight. She is going to treat me to an Irish coffee for Thanksgiving!